Mastani Nauvari Sarees

Shahi Mastani - A Peshwai Nauvari Saree

A Shahi Mastani Saree is also referred to as Peshwai Nauvari Saree. Historical references of Maharashtra state that in the 18th century Brahmin Peshwas ruled the Maratha Kingdome. The Deccan was composed of Maharashtra, parts of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. This was a period that sustained old types of culture, offered to ascend to new, and helped in the amalgamation of the old and the new. Mughal and Rajput social components just as the European entered the locale and got acclimatized into the Maratha culture. The focal area encouraged social breezes to clear crosswise over it. With the sardars being their specialists in the North, the Peshwas developed in riches and influence.

The Peshwas wished to improve their way of life, their embellishment, and their design. Poona developed insignificance and the Shanirwarada — the Peshwa house, with its all-around designated nurseries and plantations — turned into the focal point of organization and culture. This period is also known as peshwai, so the clothing style used by women of Peshwa kingdom is referred to as Peshwai Nauvari Saree. Peshwa women used to wore Nauvari saree made up of a variety of materials like Pathani saree in silk and gold, calico material from Broach Madhyapradesh side chanderi and gossamer and many more other materials.

This saree became more popular among the young generation, after the release of Bollywood movie Bajirao Mastani. In this movie, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone were wearing a customized and modern version of Nauvari saree in the Pinga song. The unique draping style and most symbolic and prominent colors made lavish luck for both of them.

Readymade Peshwai nauvari saree is easy to wear like trousers. This readymade nauvari saree is made up as per your shape and measurement; which is very comfortable for carrying.

Whether it is a traditional day or your friend’s wedding readymade nauvari saree is the best option to wear.

You can get ready within a few minutes, no need to spend hours to get a perfect look. Also, you can drive your moped easily; can perform all kinds of physical activities with a readymade Peshwai nauvari saree.

As per Maharashtrian tradition, nauvari saree is also known as the 'akhanda vastra', which means it does not require any other clothing support like a petticoat. Indeed, this outfit is of extraordinary essentialness as ladies crosswise over different backgrounds have worn it. It isn't simply worn at religious and social occasions, yet besides while dealing with farmlands. History is likewise brimming with occurrences when ladies have battled wars wearing the nauvari previously.

Traditional ornaments like tanmani, mangalsutra, chandrahar , thushi, saj , nath , anklets give you a sumptuous look. On the top of that typical hairstyle of khopa (a form of the high bun) decorated with pearl, silver and gold venis makes you a luminary.

The draping style of Peshwai Nauvari saree is similar to Brahmani nauvari saree, just a difference of “Ocha”. ( Ocha- here border of saree is lifted and tucked to waste) In Brahmani saree ocha is of 8 to 9-inch length, here in Peshwai Mastani saree it is of 4 to 5 inches with complete ankle length. Peshwai mastani Nauvari saree typically uses heavy material like paithani or heavy silk with the big border.