Rajlaxmi Sarees

Rajlaxmi Nauvari Saree - An Exclusive Collection of Online Sarees

Rajlaxmi Nauvari Saree is the Marathi style of saree which is worn without a petticoat. The Nauvari saree draping style is regular among all religions, however the method for draping changes according to the area and geography as well. The fundamental component of the Nauvari saree draping is Kashta. The draping style of kashta is the same as the dhoti worn by males. Kashta is nothing but tucking of saree at the back. Rajlaxmi Nauvari saree is draped such that the focal point of the saree is conveniently set at the back of the midsection and the parts of the bargains are tied safely in the front, and after that, the two closures are folded over the legs. This Rajlaxmi Nauvasri Saree Draping Style looks customary and encourages you to get the contemporary look.

Rajlaxmi Nauvari saree is suitable for any festival or function as these sarees are made up of heavy fabric like silk and cotton. Rajlaxmi Saree has a heaviness to itself, so you can wear it for any kind of cultural programs, religious occasions, and festivals. Choosing matching jewelry with your saree is a must! Complete your stunning look with traditional jewelry like nath heavy neckless and matching golden-colored bangles.

There is a variety of wrapping Nauvari saree like conventional Conventional wrap, Brahmini or Peshwai wrap, contemporary wrap and contemporary dhoti wrap, etc. The draping style of nauvari is pretty complex and time-consuming. Hence today in the modern age, readymade Nauvari saree made a great come back. Readymade Nauvari saree is ready to wear stitched saree with the same traditional charm. Readymade Nauvari saree can be worn by girls, women, or even old age women also, as it is easy to wear and comfortable to carry. The contemporary fashion of Ready to wear Nauvari Saree is now the latest trend in the market especially this style is getting adopted fast by today’s youth.