Lavani Sarees

Lavani Saree

'Lavani' word is derived from the word 'Lavanya', which means beauty. Lavani is performed by ladies on the beats of Dholki with a powerful rhythm. Lavani is a perfect combination of music, poetry, dance, and drama. When we consider Maharashtrian folk dance form, one can't resist the urge to think about the hearty, dynamic dance type - Lavani.

Lavani is especially famous in Maharashtra as well as territories in the Konkan or Coastal Region. Most basic themes on which Lavani is performed are sentiments like love, dedication, sorrow and different parts of public activity, for example, governmental issues, religion, and so forth.

The Lavani dance was at first performed to reinforce the spirit of the warring troops during the eighteenth and the nineteenth century when the province of Maharashtra was snared in struggle and was encountering interruption. The Lavani dance was initially performed by Dhangars or shepherds living in the Solapur area of Maharashtra. They were roused naturally and subsequently the move structure contains stories of the introduction of their god, hence giving it a religious undertone.

Lavani has progressed significantly from that point forward and has been received as an indispensable piece of Maharashtra culture. In recent years, Lavani as a move and as a melodic structure has developed hugely and it's performed on different themes and lyrics, consequently giving it a global appeal.

The most integral part of Lavani dance is Saree. The saree worn by the performer is called Lavani Nauvari saree. This is a nine-yard saree wrapped around in kashta that is saree being tucked at the back.

Usually, Lavani Nauvari saree preferred fabric is cotton on lightweight material. So it is easy to perform physical movements. A golden or contrast colored border is a must!! While wrapping Lavani saree, the golden border gets highlighted, this gives the grace to dance movements. The Lavani saree is worn till ankle length without petticoat with a perfect fitting blouse. Double kashta Lavani saree is more popular compared to single Kashta.

Today, stitched Lavani saree is more comfortable to carry and for easy dance movements. A proper highlight of golden or silver borders in ready to wear stitched saree gives you a charming look. Whether it is Lavani Mahotsav's performance by professional dancers or it is a gathering performance by a little dancer, readymade Lavani nauvari saree is their favorite choice. Drama, TV serial or dance reality show actors are wearing readymade Lavani saree with ease and comfort. No need to search for a drapery supporter for getting ready.

A Lavani saree with a tight hair back bun called as Ambada in Marathi with flower garland that gajara gives you an attractive look. Usually, heavy jewelry like necklace, bangles hanging earrings preferred more. A unique accessory along with Lavani nauvari is kamarpatta – a belt at waist. This attire gives you a complete dancer look!!