Dhotar - A Traditional Way to Look Trendy

The dhoti, otherwise called panche, or dhotar, is a conventional men's piece of clothing worn in the Indian subcontinent. It is a rectangular bit of unstitched material, more often than not around 4.5 meters (15 ft) since quite a while ago, folded over the midriff and the legs and hitched at the midsection and tucked at the back and covered both legs.

Dhoti or Dhotar is a lower bottom worn by men. As of late, dhotis for men have advanced massively. From being a long bit of fabric hung around the midsection to its refashioned rendition of readymade pants that look precisely like its familial symbol, dhoti pants for men are back in vogue. These are increasingly agreeable and simpler to wear. In India, dhotis for men are dominatingly connected with Bengali and South Indian weddings where the lucky man should wear this customary clothing as his wedding dress. Be that as it may, other than this, men's dhotis are additionally worn in parts of Northern India.

Dhotar and Sohale or Sowale

When the color of the dhoti is white with cotton fabric is it called dhotar. On the other side, the same piece of cloth with red, purple or yellow color with golden border is usually called Sohale or Sowale. Wearing dhotar or dhoti is a bit tricky task due to its complex draping style. For any traditional occasion or festival or spiritual event, Dhoti is the best option. Today Dhoti and kurta for Groom and matching nauvari saree for the bride is a perfect wedding theme.

Readymade dhoti is ready to wear dhoti is stitched as per size. It is easy to carry and easy to wear. Some accessories like juttis , kalgis or turbans gives you a best look for any occasion.

We can provide readymade dhoti or sowale for all age group men, whether it could be a school gathering or wedding occasion. Our ready to wear dhotis are suitable for everyone.