Brahmani Nauvari Sarees

Brahmani Saree

Nauvari saree is nothing but a nine-yard saree, also known as Kashta saree, Kachha, Sakaccha or Luggade. Ancient Maharashtrian women used to wear Nauvari saree with traditional ornaments. This Nauvari saree has become a traditional Maharashtra culture symbol. Over the years the draping style of nauvari saree has evolved from typical traditional draping style to modern age draping fusions.

Brahmani Nauvari Saree - A Perennial Classic

These nauvari sarees are worn by a special religion woman – Brahmins hence it is named as the Brahmani Nauvari saree. Historically, Maharashtrian women, especially Brahmin women, assist their fellow male warriors in war, before getting ready for battle, women used to wore such a kind of saree, Nauvari sarees are very comfortable for a physical movement like horse riding, running jumping, etc. activities. Today, Brahmani Nauvari Sarees are very famous in India and all over the world.

Over the years because of difficult draping style, women switched to Saha vari that is six yards length saree. These six yards sarees are easy to drape but difficult to carry compare to nauvari. TV serials, Epic movies, historical movies made this nauvari draping style more popular and eventually readymade nauvari became famous. Readymade or stitched nauvari saree is easy and fast draping style and comfortable to carry.

This Brahmani nauvari saree is mostly used during the wedding and festival season. Brides prefer to wear this elegant and beautiful saree. Usually, Nauvari sarees are made up of cotton and worn without a petticoat, however for a wedding or festive season silk or paithani Nauvari Brahmani sarees are most preferred.

This Brahmani nauvari saree draping style in unique draping style, here border of saree is lifted and tucked to waste. This is called “ocha” in Marathi, with an 8 to 10-inch length. During ancient days, women use this Ocha as a pocket and keep a few things or money. This Brahmani Nauvari saree is worn till ankle length still some part of your leg is visible.

The readymade Brahmani Nauvari saree gives you a trouser-dress like a look; which is very comfortable for physical activities and easier to carry. Beautiful design sarees with attractive border gives you a classy look during the wedding and festive seasons. A perfect necklace, with matching earrings, Nath and pretty bangles gives you a stunning bridal look. Our brand is well known for the Brahmani nauvari saree stitching.

These Brahmani Nauvari Sarees are most suitable for performing spiritual occasions also. Dhoti kurta for Broom and Brahmani Nauvari Saree is a perfect combination on a wedding day.