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Mazhi Nauvari take the greatest pleasure in showcasing the latest and variety of readymade nauvari Sarees collection online with a traditional touch. Today, the Saree culture is continuously evolving and we are updating our self to match up with current trends in the market.





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Order Readymade Nauvari Saree Online at Mazhi Nauvari

Mazhi Nauvari take the greatest pleasure in showcasing the latest and variety of readymade nauvari Sarees collection online with a traditional touch. Today, the Saree culture is continuously evolving and we are updating our self to match up with current trends in the market. Whether it could be 9 yards or 6-yard saree, it is the true apotheosis of ethnic Indian fashion. A saree gives you a regal and elegant look. Fashion will keep evolving and get a new meaning, but sarees remain versatile raiment for Indian women wardrobe. A woman wearing Nauvari saree always stands out in the crowd with an elegant and confident look.

Origin of Traditional Nauvari Saree

As the name signifies, Nauvari saree is a 9-yard saree with a unique draping style. Women of the Maratha Empire used to wear this Nauvari saree with a specific draping style during the time of war. Nauvari saree is more comfortable and easy to carry style for women.

Kashta is a typical word used for Nauvari saree, which differentiates the draping style of nauvari saree from regular 6 yards or Saha vari saree. Nauvari draping style varies from different regions and traditions. Based on the various types of kashta, there are different styles of nauvari sarees like marathmoli saree, Brahmani sarees, Lavani Saree, Mastani Saree, Dhoti, Rajlaxmi Saree. Nauvari saree is has become a Maharashtrian culture’s identity. Nauvari saree is also famous in the Konkan and Goa side, but with a different draping style. Here women wear tight and body fit the style of this sarees.

What is Ready to Wear Nauvari Saree?

Readymade nauvari saree or ready to wear nauvari saree is nothing but stitched 9 yards saree for easy wearing. Depending on the kashta pattern you will get a different variety of readymade or ready to wear nauvari saree. Every woman has a peculiar figure and physique, our expert team will suggest you the best suitable style according to your personality. We at Mazhi Nauvari, exclusively stitch nauvari saree as per your requirement and measurements. Our creative team will offer you customized readymade nauvari saree. You can carry this ready to wear nauvari saree for a hassle-free traditional look at different occasions. Online Readymade saree by mynauvari saves a lot of time and effort for wrapping nine-yard saree and enlighten the beauty of a woman with a natural look.

Nauvari Saree - A Classic Option for All Occasions

Every other day fashion designers come with new iconic styles and trends. However, sarees won’t lose their fan following, especially if you are Indian women. On top of that, now a day’s nauvari saree has created a benchmark. The usage and popularity of nauvari saree are not limited to just weddings or festivals but also for enormous occasions. Our nauvari readymade saree gives an astonishing look too young as well as older women. Different draping patterns of nauvari saree give you a variety of options to choose for the right occasion.

Nauvari saree pallu and kashtas are stitched with the additional border with various designs and accessories. Our readymade Nauvari saree is made up of various kinds of material like heavy silk, cotton, polyester with high-quality fabric. Many Bollywood divas and Marathi film industry celebrities have contributed to the popularity of this ready to wear nauvari saree. Epic daily serials, Marathi movies, dramas, religious serials, historical serials are using readymade nauvari saree on large scales. These celebrities and serials made nauvari saree as a traditional fashion brand in the international market.

Nauvari sarees are worn without a petticoat, so it is very comfortable for any occasion and work. That is the reason today for Dhol Pathak, dramas, horse riding, lathi – Kathi plays, girls are using it predominantly. Whether it is a traditional day in college, a friend or cousin's wedding or even for saptpadi in own wedding, girls prefer this nauvari saree. Irrespective of the occasion, nauvari saree with other accessories like Nath, saj and other jewelry options ads more charm to your beauty.

Today, kids are smart and more active; they do participate in various dance competitions, dramas and plays too. Finding a suitable saree within a short period for kids is a difficult task for mothers. We understand all these difficulties and give you easy to carry nauvari saree based on your needs.

How to Wear Readymade Nauvari Saree

Benefits of Online Readymade Nauvari Saree

Mazhi Nauvari is aiming to make nauvari saree as a traditional and cultural brand for Maharashtra. We are continuously updating our self with the latest market brands and innovative ideas. In the past,nauvari saree was part of every woman's daily life. Slowly 6 yards saree, western clothes took over the market and became part of every Indian women wardrobe. Eventually today nauvari saree made a great come back in the market. However wearing a nine-yard saree is a difficult task, so it had limitations. We at Mazhi Nauvari decided to overcome this and started ready to wear stitched nauvari saree. We are always committed to the comfort, suitability, and quality of our product.

Colors, fabric, and pattern is an integral part of saree. If you want to be more comfortable and simple then cotton saree is the best option. For a more graceful look, silk saree is an awesome option. Slimmer side women can go for cotton saree which gives a fuller look while taller women can choose a heavy border for a balanced look. Women on the heavier side or shorter can go for vertical prints with short border design pattern for getting the best look. Nauvari saree colors give you a certain vibration, so chose it very carefully. Dark-colored nauvari sarees like red, purple are suitable for celebrations and weddings. While light-colored pink, orange, yellow nauvari sarees are perfect for day function or cultural activities, traditional day, etc. White and black saree with golden border represents power and confidence.

Our online store gives you an easy and convenient way of shopping for nauvari saree patterns. Our products are suitable for all age groups starting for kids, youngsters and old age women. Your favorite traditional outfit that is ready-made nauvari saree is just a click away!! Try it today!!